Saturday, 4 August 2012

Gun Rant

A teenager killed eight people with a knife and wounded five more in China after falling out with his girlfriend.

Ach who hasn't done this?

Now did ya read that? it was a knife not a semi automatic rifle. Where are yer gun control arguments now?  

If the crazies don't have a gun they will find a way to do it anyway.

Many that have used guns haven't scored 8 so yer point for gun control sucks donkey dick.

Because this crime happened in China and it wasn't a white privileged male with four guns  you probably won't hear much about it and there won't be a slew of photoshopped pictures mocking the killer.

We are played by the media into picking sides by images and words. Some chinky with a knife doesn't get air space what about the Joker, the trench coat killer, the milk truck killer or the Rambo killer? (shit how many times can we use Rambo without people remembering?) lets pick apart their life and end at the usual conclusion that guns are bad.

Hey what about the Rambo killer, the one that used a knife to kill his dad? no wait didn't he stab his gurlfriend? no wait that was the Rambo knife man and his gurlfriend survived the 7 neck stabs.

So knives are bad too?

Only iconic ones from movies.

Do you get it yet? 

A police anti-rape poster was removed after complaints that it looked like it blamed the woman for getting raped after going out on the town and drinking. It isn't the drink or the short skirt she wore, it was the rapist who was to blame. Why do people always try to shift the blame from the wanker who did it?  

People are bad and because we don't have natural claws and fangs we must use tools. Guns, knives, hammers, cars or aeroplanes.

Now think do those tools have minds of their own? Evil has to use them for evil in order for you to have yer mind clouded.

People will do what they want to do, the easy why or the hard way but no matter what you think you cannot stop crazy people from killing a load of people.

Old Knudsen believes in gun control but in a way that allows people to have guns but not guns that are better than yer local police. Some firearms are a thing of beauty and some help you feel safer but there is no reason to have a Minigun.

People who own land in the UK can get guns but most average people can't unless they have connections.

Gun control for sure but safe, sensible and fair control with adequate training and each firearm registered .......... like a car.

As with cars it won't stop the killing, nothing will but it also won't tip the scales for the bad guys by punishing the good people.