Sunday, 19 August 2012

Future Rape

Such a nice friendly looking man. Serial rapist Mark Anthony Beecham aged 25 was handed a 624-year prison sentence by Houston County Circuit Court Judge Jerry White for the repeated rape and sodomy of a woman during a kidnapping.

He had already been sentenced to a 100-year prison term for the rape and sodomy of another woman during the burglary of her home.

724 years in prison.  I get the feeling that the judge really didn't like him. Beecham is complaining that he didn't get a fair trial but we here at OBB think he did. 

His mother Melissa Smith-Kupihea, called her son a peaceful person and asked the court for mercy and a lenient sentence.

"Thanks a lot Ma that really worked."

He had already been convicted of sexual battery and kidnapping in Florida which he was serving 20 years for, 6 years served so how the fuck does his Ma think that hes peaceful? He rapes them with a serene expression on his face?

Then get this  James Thornton, a pastor at Northview Christian Church, testified on behalf of Beecham.

I consider him to be a believer as most of us are, but we all have flaws,” Thornton said. “I believe redemption is available to all of us should we choose it.”

Its one think coming from his mother but to hear a so called Christian leader saying 'boys will be boys' really gets on Old Knudsen's last nerve.

I don't believe that redemption should be available to all as some people don't deserve it. When you repeatedly do evil to others, ruining their lives then why should you have a life once you've seen the light?

Old Knudsen has never understood parents who kill their children and go to court to fight for a lesser sentence claiming to have been insane at the time. If they are sane now then they should be in torment and not looking for any favours, they should want to die themselves.... no redemption, no heavenly choir they themselves should want to suffer because they don't deserve any better.   

If technology advances will Beecham get cryogenically frozen in order to fulfill his debt to society? What if he dies before his sentence is completed who'll finish it off ?   Old Knudsen just doesn't like waste.

When he gets out of jail I bet the first thing he does is jack a flying car and rape whatever we've got going.  Won't he be surprised when he finds that humans are bred to be smoothies with roller feet and build in Facebook and babies come from China  .......... sorry I don't want to spoil the future for you by giving too much away.