Friday, 17 August 2012

Fighting Evil

A church in Orange county .... America, was broken into. The interior was thrashed the walls had been spray-painted and a fire extinguisher had been set off.

When the police entered the building they found mixed martial arts fighter and reality TV show host Jason "Mayhem" Miller naked and asleep on a couch.

Obviously he had a battle with the minions of hell who as we all know are weaken when on holy ground.
Well done Mr Mayhem if the authorities found you alive then we can safely say you defeated them.

Or he was high on the crack and had a gang bang with some young friends who legged it before the peelers got there. Minions from Hell are more likely right? .... I mean its Mayhem we're talking about.

The pre- fight measuring of cocks.

This man should be given some clothes and maybe a medal.

 I'd like to see you fight one of these even though we know they always travel in packs of three, assuming none of them phone in sick.

Mayhem was released from jail after posting $20,000 bail. That is how heroes are treated in this world, no wonder no one wants to be a hero any more.

Oh no I am unable to break free from this difficult hold, maybe if I start to slowly thrust my hips ... oh yeah almost there.  

After a defeat in May, Mayhem is said to be done with fighting in the ring as it makes his ring sore, it looks like he has branched out to fighting at other venues.

Old Knudsen has always liked the name Mayhem but only as a middle name.