Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Fake Iranian Pilgrims

We are just holy pilgrims on our way to Damascus, nothing odd going on here.

The Syrian government has the backing of Russia and China who stay in the background and um "advise." Another cuntry who "advises" is near by Iran.
Iran has publicly said they will back Bashar al Assad and that his government will not fall. Then you hear about the 48 Iranians who decide to go on a 160 mile pilgrimage to Damascus during a civil war who were taken prisoner by the rebels.

Really? just pilgrims huh.

It turns out that several of them are "retired" military personnel. Many male Iranians are ex military so nothing odd there.  Other Iranians have been captured this year and they all seem to be either engineers or technicians. It seems that Syrians are not intelligent enough to repair power plants it takes Iranians to do that.

Iran you crazy fucker you aren't fooling us with yer staged pilgrimages that just happen to contain soldiers.
We know you are supplying military advisers to the war zone just like most other countries do. Retired means off the books, the rebels claim they were snipers backing up Syrian militia which would not surprise Old Knudsen

Iran lies outright and because they have the oil pipelines they think they can do as they please.  This is a dangerous development and a set back for the rebels mark my words on that. 

The capturing of Iranians now gives Iran the excuse to get involved more directly, their sacrifice will not be forgotten.