Saturday, 11 August 2012

Don't Forget About The Dementia Roadshow

Shit! I forgot about the dementia roadshow cumming to toon. What the fuck is that all about? do you take yer demented old relatives to the roadshow and have an expert appraise them and see how much they are worth?

This is not the antiques road show yer vases are worth fuck all. However yer old woman there may fetch a few grand at an auction, do you have her insured?

Have ya never heard of the Interweb? you don't need to go out and talk to a so-called expert you can just use Yahoo answers.

"Why does my granny not remember who I am when I visit her"?

Best answer 1 week ago:

"You go to the wrong house."

Old Knudsen has a problem with dementia but at least he doesn't have dementia.

I was just sitting on my couch talking to my older brother trying to remember the way to Tesco to get to the roadshow. The toon is a mess as they are still rebuilding after the blitz ..... fucking Nazis!

As I was saying

Why the fuck have they remade the movie Red Dawn?

Not only have they remade it but they fucked it up. Russia and Cuba are no longer a threat and for fear of upsetting countries that are big investors and a large video market like China they went and made the invading bad guy North Korea.

North Korea doesn't have the manpower or equipment to invade Luxembourg never mind America.

So ya got these pushy Yanks teenagers with guns going around killing scared, hungry, poorly motivated North Korean troops. Will Red Dawn 2 have a sneak attack from Canada? that would be more believable.

Now what was the reason for posting pictures of the very lovely  Eva Wyrwal? 

I'll just study the picture and maybe the reason for adding them to my post will cum to me. I'm feeling a tingling, fucking athletes foot.