Friday, 31 August 2012

Clint Eastwood Has Dementia

Didn't Old Knudsen call it? Didn't he say that as soon as Clint Eastwood endorsed Mitt Romney it would come out that Clint suffers from Alzheimers?

Eastwood stood up on stage at the GOP convention in Florida and talked to an empty chair which he said had President Obama sitting in it.
The GOP crowd are used to believing whatever crap they are told and certainly believed Mr Eastwood. I'm sure that some diehard supporters even saw evil Obama sitting in that chair. 

Its sad that Clint who made all those great monkey movies is reduced to entertaining these monkeys with his mental deterioration. Poor Clint not only saw Obama sitting in the chair but the old timer heard him and was even insulted by the President.

Romney who believes in magic underwear is totally worried and was heard saying, "what chance do I have against a man who can turn invisible?"

Eastwood started calling for Lee Marvin to join him onstage to sing songs from the hit movie 'Paint yer wagon' then the 82 year-old soiled himself and was led off stage to enormous applause.

2012: The year when Clint Eastwood lost all dignity and the best thing is that he did it in public.