Thursday, 30 August 2012

Cell Phones Cause Death

 Unless you want to catch Ebola then you'd have better leave Uganda  off the world tour this year.

Ebola is caught through contact, sweat, saliva or if you clean up some vomit, piss or shit and touch that then yer at risk with 80-90% chance of fatality with the most infectious form of the virus.  A man who for some reason thought he was safe was pretending to comfort patients in an isolation ward and stole a mobile phone from a patient.


The  patient filed a report with police about the stolen phone before he died .... he went to his grave without checking  FaceBook. 'Got Ebola, hope its not serious, LOL.'

When the thief started using the phone, detectives were able to trace it. The thief did their jobs for them as he turned up at the hospital with Ebola like symptoms and confessed.

Let that be a lesson to you. Many a time you see the wankers of the world go through life getting the good jobs, big hooses and expensive holidays while you who try to be a good person gets beaten doon by circumstance ......... enough to turn you into a wanker right?


Think again, the Gogs of karmic distribution are very busy considering there are over 7 billion people in this world and the majority of them are cunts but they will get around to you. They can be anywhere for instance an Ebola ward.

Be of good character and count yer blessings for there is usually someone worse off than you .... like the guy who catches Ebola and then has his phone stolen. You think you had a bad week.