Saturday, 25 August 2012

Cannibal Named Graham

Graham Fisher is serving a 21 year prison sentence in the high security Broadmoor psychiatric hospital. 
He killed two weemen and nommed on one of their arms, he also raped a woman in her home and tried to rape and murder a 19-year-old Czech student on a train, yeah hes a real people person.

 'I like to travel and meet new people, rape, strangle and chew on them then burn their bodies, I also like NASCAR and monster trucks.'

Being in a nut hoose can really bring you doon which is why the poor lad feasted on crisps and chocolate which to him all tasted like chicken.

The dopey fucker ballooned to 23-stone  or 322 LBS then the rocket scientist complained that he was obese and unfit, so he was given the go-ahead to have a £8,000 gastric band operation. He waited 3 months to get this op which was carried out at a private hospital and after 2 days recovery the whole cost came to £15,000 from the tax payer please.

A spokesman for West London Mental Health NHS Trust, said, "People receiving treatment for mental illness are entitled to the same level of care as anyone else."

Huh? who the fuck gets an op after 3 months at a swanky private hospital? ........ only someone like Prince Philip or someone who breaks into the home of a 75 year-old woman and strangles her. Us normal plebs have to wait a year and yer lucky if yer surgeon washes his hands .... thats assuming someone makes a mistake and approves yer op. 

Why did this backwards looking cousin fucker get the op in the first place? Why was he not told to get his fat ugly lazy arse out to the exercise yard to do some jumping jacks?

Who is feeding all that shite to the prisoners?  No wonder people rape and murder in the UK ya get rewarded for it.   I bet he gets put up for parole in a few years too.

'Well he hasn't killed, raped or nommed on any weemen since 1998 so hes probably learned his lesson, lets let him out.' 

I bet he liked his hospital room with its satellite TV and mini bar he'll soon be complaining again, 'I'm ugly as fuck, I need some plastic surgery or I'm stressed I need a shopping day and some me time.'

Old Knudsen does not believe in rehabilitation or a cure for such people as this, why keep him alive?  Fuck his human rights, look at him is he human anyway?

This blogger feels for the victims and their families as they continue to get punished by this asshole who by all accounts is living quite well with people ready to make sure he gets what he wants.

People need to be punished and I don't mean the victims and their families.

Put him in an arena with a hungry polar bear and televise it or use him to test out cosmetics on.