Saturday, 11 August 2012

Border Not Bored ... OK Am Bored Too


Gary Barlow who is a British singer and songwriter and ex talent show judge had some bad news over the week. His wife Dawn gave birth to a stillborn child whom they named Poppy.  terrible news I'm sure you'd say even if you didn't know the couple its just a terrible thing to happen to anyone.

Old Knudsen isn't a Barlow fan but will admit that he has some talent. When the news of his stillborn baby got out an Interweb troll thought ...... well who knows what these fucked up individuals think?
Inscrutable Kenneth Tong who was a nobody until Old Knudsen heard about him and now hes a plick.  

Kenneth Tong was unknown to Old Knudsen before this. It seems he was on Big Brother a couple of years ago. On Twitter he sent Gary Barlow some messages that he could have done without, using some of Barlow's songs to make light of a dead child. 

Gary Barlow's wife recently had a Stillborn. But look on the bright side: Slimmer of the Month

Gary Barlow once sang "Love Ain't Here Anymore", but it never was, as Poppy was a stillbirth.

Gary Barlow asked: "Why Can't I Wake Up with You" Poppy - cause that would bored on necrophilia, Gary. 

 A stillbirth occurs when a fetus has died in the uterus. Guess "It Only Takes a Minute"@Gary Barlow

Does Gary Barlow get a 50% discount off the funeral of Poppy Barlow cause it was Stillborn? 

Don't understand why @Gary Barlow is upset over stillborn Poppy. He has other children. Three out of four ain't bad. 

Wow what a boring unfunny little man he is. He doesn't have a Wikki page so I can't see if hes full on Chinese as his comments sound like someone not very good at English trying sarcastic humour .... like Germans, they don't get humour either.

Not funny, not appropriate, not really making any sense . Why did he bother? if he was an attention hoor he'd have done something else by now.

Interweb Trolls are odd people. their own issues have clouded their judgement so much that what cums out is lame dribble. I think I have a troll somewhere knocking out a fake Old Bitter Balls blog. I stopped paying attention there as it was so boring, not too good with the old mind games, good luck to them and their trying to get an audience but not saying too much or they'd give away their secret identity.

The thing is that people think they have a right to free speech. If you want to insult Old Knudsen you can but free speech cums at a price such as a broken nose. Every action has a reaction and just because you can say something on Twitter doesn't mean you should.

The UK being 10 years behind the US is now going on about people saying rude things online and how the police should arrest them for it. The police have been cut back and are shite enough without keeping tabs on Interweb bullies. If the websites want to make people's on line experience a positive one then its up to them. Facebook has excellent anti-bully procedures as my troll found out.

Ken Dong, he prefers balls on his chin as he has difficulty seeing, then when it gets hot those head nads sweat like a bitch. 

Grow a pair, if you don't like what people are saying about you on line then either stay off line or manage yer settings.
Block people and you never have to hear from them again easy ...... Don't feed the trolls.

Old Knudsen likes to brabble so he'll slag off his trolls in the hope they have some entertaining witty insult banter and then block them, they never get the better of Old Knudsen which is really quite sad.

You don't see online trolls getting air time in the US . They aren't worth it, eventually the fucker will go and hang themselves when no one pays attention when they speak.