Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Beat Off Depression

He may look like a sex offender but this man is a Gog! He has brought an end to blue balls as we know it.
Dr.Gordon Gallup is a hero, the University of Albany psychologist believes he may have found a cure for morning sickness in pregnant women, oral sex.

 Thats oral sex getting performed on men of course.

Gallup and his amazing troll science believes that morning sickness is caused by the foreign introduction of semen in a woman’s body during conception. Gallup also claims that women can develop a tolerance to the semen by simply “devouring” more of it.

Its worth a try Old Knudsen thinks.  If yer about to boak all over the bathroom suck off yer man instead.
If yer a shameless pregnant single lady then go to the sperm and make a withdrawal and keep a few pints in the fridge.

This is the man who has suggested that semen may have antidepressant properties, I love where this guy is cumming from.
The next time I play at being a psychiatrist (the NHS never ask questions) I shall put the hot weemen patients on a course of Old seamen.
Until then I'll no dirty my spare socks I'll slurp my jizz to keep me doldrums at bay.   
You can also use semen as a rejuvenating face pack and it cums in a handy pump action tube. No wait if you call in the next ten minutes we'll triple yer order.

Bukakke what a funny word that is, sorta just drips off the tongue.