Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Bear Gets Stuck In Car Gryll

A Norwegian driver who swerved to avoid crashing into a moose hit a bear instead. The driver spotted the moose around midnight and tried to steer around the animal, when a bear ran in front of his car.

It was actually Bear Grylls who was thirsty. We may get up out of bed and go get a glass of water but out there on the edge there isn't any sinks or glasses ........ Old Knudsen knows this for he has been there.  

When yer out there on the edge you get out of yer warm sleeping bag or if there is a camera crew you throw off yer blanket of twigs and go chase an animal doon so you can drink its piss.

If ya want a midnight snack .

Old Knudsen's survival tip is pack a lunchbox.