Thursday, 16 August 2012

All Muslims Are Terrorists

So the FBI get this dude to pose as a Muslim convert  to collect information at Orange County 'Callyfornia' mosques about any thing terroristy going on, this included the planting of bugs in offices and homes, and listening in on private conversations.

The mindset: well it wasn't Hindus that flew planes into the WTC it was Muslims....... with that same logic then if yon Joker shooter James Holmes' family goes to a say, a Christian church then you'd better go spy on Christians because they are murdering cunts and up to something .... actually they probably are.   

A federal judge threw out a lawsuit filed against the U.S. government and the FBI by a group of Orange County Muslims who said that their constitutional rights were trampled over the spying. The judge said that if the lawsuit went forward there would be a  risk divulging sensitive state secrets .... America, fuck yeah!

Craig Monteilh the dude pictured above is a convict who was the spy, hes gone public with his account which could cause harm for years to come, he doesn't sound too bright and says that Islam itself is a threat to National Security . What we really want to know is has he wrote a screen play yet?

The Department of Justice says tough shit on not suing the Feds and to quote, "it was necessary for the greater public good."

So was the locking up of thousands of American citizens of Japanese descent during WWII. Doesn't make it right though. 

The American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU which is a pussy liberal organization that yaps on about rights and freedom blah blah blah  says the government should not be allowed to “shut the courthouse door” simply by citing national security.

Old Knudsen agrees but thinks it is quite a cunning way to be able to do what you want in the land of free speech with yer freedom and rights ..... terms and conditions may apply.

They can do anything it seems and when caught just use the magic words, 'national security' many cuntries do this which is why Old Knudsen chuckles when people go on about their freedom and what they are entitled to.
You'll get what you are given and be grateful.