Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A Mormon And A Catholic Walk Into A Bar

Ladies and gentlemen, Paul Ryan and myself  may be as interesting as a blank piece white paper in a manilla envelope but believe me when I say that he wants to kill seniors, sick people, our own troops, Palestinians and some of those Iranians guys just as much as I do. I am keen and he is mean.

No seriously ya commie bastard give your seat to Mr Romney or I kill your daughter here.

You know I get those fucking headaches every time someone says 'socialism' someones gonna pay, thats the American way. No Paul not the children!

This thumb that smells like a Mormon's ass will send the nukes to Iran if I have your votes. 

 I killed this one with my intense stare.

They may not be looking in the same direction but they will get you.

I'm making your brain hemorrhage, I'm making your brain hemorrhage, I'm making your brain hemorrhage......... say "fuck."

You love it bitch! Now you don't need Medicaid ....... and thats how to cut the budget.

You wanna piece of this fucker? I may be a pencil pusher but I'm an angry one, oh yeah you had better run fag boy, back to Kenya.

 Are these guys seriously the competition?