Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Yer Sex Offends Me

                                                              Yer sexy and you know it.

A new bill was passed in Louisiana .... America, on Friday that requires all registered sex offenders to note their criminal status on all of their social network accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

So not too many people from Louisiana on FB now. Not many people from Louisiana on the Interwebs full stop. To quote a local, "We don't do the Internet too good."

All those redneck states are eerily similar in attitude to Northern Ireland. Old Knudsen is the exception but most people over 50 here can't work a computer.

I laugh when an old person asks a young firm but orange shop assistant if they have something and as they don't stock it she suggests 'the Internet.'   So fucking helpful.  When you order it off Amazon where do you send the cheque (check) or postal order (money order) too?

Old Knudsen hopes this doesn't catch on as its hard enough for him to allay suspicions of young firm gurls he wants to friend on Facebook. Old Knudsen only wants to be yer friend and maybe some nite you'd like to stop by his hoose to see his sketches, Old Knudsen loves to sketch trees, kittens, crime scenes you know nice stuff.  His living room may look like a torture sex dungeon ...... its steam punk, no it is, really. 

Oh and don't tell anyone where you are going.

Old Knudsen is on Twitter but doesn't have a mobile phone well not one from this decade and hes on LinkedIn but kinda forgot his password.

I always use killamory123 but then I changed it to out fox the spam bots, seems I was too clever for myself.

If this idea does catch on you may see Old Knudsen's status going from in a relationship to expecting restraining order.

Those who violate the new law face up to 20 years prison time with hard labour, without parole and along with fines of up to $3,000.

Old Knudsen cannae help it if he offends both sexes on a regular basis.