Thursday, 19 July 2012

Wind Yer Neck In

I'm talking to you men out there who fly a lot (aeroplanes not drugs) ever go up to security and they see the size of the bulge in the front of yer pants and they think 'terrorist alert' when its only you trying to get yer snake on a plane?

It happens all the fuckin time I'm sooo sick of it. Its my huge penis try to deal with it. 

Jonah Falcon aged 41 had the same trouble just recently at San Francisco International. Now lets get this straight its weemen security that stop Old Knudsen and insist on patting him doon but in San Francisco well lets just say the men up there are um very friendly.

The TSA guards didn't believe it even after they saw it as they didn't think cocks that size came in white. 
C'mon people, whats a penis going to do explode in yer face?

Did he have to pay for extra baggage as he had a large trunk with him?

Falcon's dick is 9.5 inches when flaccid and 13.5 inches when hard. Is that what you'd call big?   oh yer Ma is nodding and she'd know.

Why the fuck is he wearing cycle shorts? I bet his knob gets caught in the spokes all the time.

Hands up all the men in the room who hate his guts? Well they do say things are bigger in America. I bet there are plenty of big cunts there too.

For foreigners, "Wind yer neck in" is a Norn Iron expression aimed at people being stupid, its telling them to 'wise up.'  

In this instance Old Knudsen used this expression not in the way it was intended as that is how he rolls.