Friday, 13 July 2012

UFO Sighting

Following the recent UFO sighting in Larne there has also been a report of one over Bangor, a popular seaside town in Norther Ireland.

Reports say that one minute people were going about their daily business when suddenly they surrounded by a light that seemed to come from above. A few brave souls looked up in alarm only to be forced to shield their eyes from a harsh glare that made them cry for no reason as if it had probed their minds and revealed a long forgotten traumatic childhood incident .

While most people ran for the safety of the nearest shop others remained as if they were unable to move.
A witness to the event who withheld her name said, " I didn't know what was happening one moment I was having a fag talkin to me grandchildren on the phone and the next thing I could hardly see and I felt as if me skin was starting to cook."

From what people could see the light came from a glowing disc in the sky that seemed to hover there watching the town below perhaps scanning our way of life and our weaknesses.
Many reported the same 'skin being cooked' sensation that left the skin looking red and tender to the touch.
The UFO stayed in place for 3 minutes before it seemed to vanish into the clouds.

Local Presbyterian minister James Argyle who did not see it commented, "If there was ever a time to repent and join the Hamilton road Presbyterian church it is now as the minions of Satan are watching you and getting ready to burn and torment you and your family in Hell. The third Wednesday of every month is the friendship club come along and bring a friend or you'll feel left out heh heh."

The police have said they have been inundated with reports of the UFO and while they can't explain it they are prepared to sit down with the aliens in open dialogue if needs be.