Sunday, 1 July 2012

Turkey The Hero Of The Masses?


Tensions between Turkey and Syria are mounting. Recently Syria shot doon a Turkish fighter jet that was near the border and now its been reported that Turkey scrambled six F-16 jets upon reports that Syrian military helicopters were nearing the border.

Its all just a big game of chicken right now. Syria says, "Hey we shot down one of yer jets and you still don't attack...... fucking pussies I wonder what else we can do ."

Since March of 2011 Turkey has gotten thousands of refugees from Syria who have fleed the Syrian government put down of opposition. 

A tool of terror used by the Syrian government have been Syria's ghosts or the Shabbiha who are squads of meat headed body builders with roid rage that massacre for the government.

Big muscle bound, pot bellied cunts with low intellect that can be moulded to the needs of President Bashar Assad and yet he can distance himself from their actions as they are not strictly military. 

These wankers have murdered whole villages. They used to be a type of Mafia that the Assad family looked the other way for now they are nothing more than loyal thugs with no accountability or conscience . 

108 people including 49 children killed in the town of Houla in May of this year were murdered by the Shabbiha and yet all the international comunity does is say, "this is terrible."

Israel has been gagging to have a go at Syria but gets talked doon, just let them do what they need to do.

We interfered more with the doon fall of Gaddafi but Asswad is getting a free pass WTF?  Is it right to let these cunts kill at will because we are too poor to wage war or too worried about who else will get involved? Look how long the world wars went on for because others didn't want to get involved.

Turkey who got its first nude beach in 2010 has condemned the actions of the Syrian government and in fact has has become a hot-bed for training Syrian armed fighters in guerrilla warfare. 

The Turkish government who are the most unlikely of heroes to stand against terror have even 'allegedly' provided rebels not just with weapons and equipment but with communication and Interweb services .... yeah Like Facebook and blogs.

Turkey who if you remember got its first nude beach in 2010 needs support to not only protect its beaches but to fight the evil of President Bashar Asswad. The secret support of the west and its public condemnation isn't enough this massacre has been getting largely ignored since it started over a year ago.

Now that you have been brought up to date in an easy to understand way and with tits and arse Old Knudsen hopes you join ......... at least in spirit and words on the Interweb to condemn Syria and to support Turkey.

Old Knudsen has always done the butterfly effect with his blog. He says it here and it ripples out to change the world. Make Syria accountable for its actions and difficult to ignore. 


"I will fight for your freedom then I will pinch yer bum."