Saturday, 21 July 2012

The British Are Fat And Lazy

                              Does this towel make me look fat?

Britain has one of the most sedentary populations on earth. 63.3% of the population fails to meet recommended levels of physical activity,  even the Americans put us to shame when it comes to taking exercise.

40.5% of US citizens are inactive, with more than 30% of them being fat fuckers .... er obese I mean.

The good news is that the UK isn't the worse in Europe, Malta (71.9%) and Serbia (68.3%) Are they in Europe? Are they even real cuntries?

The Irish are at 53.2% of the population who do insufficient exercise or rather don't do enough exercise. They did plenty of exercise when Britain owned Ireland, we sure whipped them into shape and we watched their diet...... no potatoes for you Paddy, don't you know theres a famine on?

Old Knudsen would argue that its usually rich people that have time to exercise like Swaziland is poor and at (69%) but then again Saudi Arabia who is richer than Gog is at (68.8%) but there are like only 10 rich people in that cuntry. Also they hardly dress for exercise.

 Look at yon Netherlands with just 18.2% of people being lazy shites. Fucking Dutch and their windmill loving ways.

The World Health Organisation who? yes WHO did this study and needs to fuck off. How can we slag off fat Americans when we Brits are a load of fat chavs?  .......... well you Yanks are still pushy,  mouthy and late for 2 world wars so there!

Old Knudsen ate at Subway for 2 years and lost 100 LBS.  He also had intensive liposuction and plastic surgery as he couldn't be bothered to exercise. Now Old Knudsen models for 'Skimpy' the swimwear company.
Money can buy you happiness or at least a new body and I don't mean the one Old Knudsen has in his basement.