Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Blogging Life Of Old Knudsen

So that was my innocuous witty little post about aliens abducting cows, I hope it made you laugh a little. I do try in the hope that I can brighten up someone's day.

You vile stinking asshole we'll get you. We have blogs and some of us work in I.T. we'll make your life hell , we'll be here waiting everyday to remind you how much we hate you, calling you names and saying that you suck. 50 of us with 50 different personas you won't know what hit you.  

Um its only blogging ya know. Not only was it free but no one asked you to read it. If you found something to take offense at then stop reading I really don't care. I have no idea why you feel so threatened by me but I would be happy to discuss yer issues in private if you want. Old Knudsen is a trained agronomic therapist.    

Now you've done it shrimp dick we are going to totally fuck you up.

Well in that case I might as well tell you what yer Ma likes to get fucked up  ........... Ka-Chow!!!