Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Stupid Rhymes With Orange

Chemicals like formaldehyde and nitrosamines found in fake tan creams are toxic to reproductive systems and could harm a foetus.
The increased use of fake tan creams could be linked to the significant rise in cancers, diabetes, lower IQs, promiscuity and falling fertility levels.

Ok, that won't stop the silly wee hoors slapping the stuff onto them but will it harm the duck faces? 

Old Knudsen does not want this story to get out there because do we really need these gurls breeding?  Just let them keep clams and carry on.

If aliens are watching us and experimenting on humans do you think the whole white people from cloudy wet cuntries turning orange has them stumped? 

Reports in oh great leader none of our anal probes could tell why these females turned orange, only that they really enjoy anal probes.