Thursday, 26 July 2012

Pyongyang .... Kipper Bang

Got a surprise e-mail from Kimmy Jong Un, ya know yer wee slitty eyed Cartman looking fucker from North Korea.

Dear Old Knudsen

My greatest friend in the world. I am planning the most  romantic thing ever. I am letting the state run television announce to the world that I am married by mentioning my wife as we visit the completion of an amusement park. 
I would like you to be there as you were the one that picked her out of the catalog for me to buy. 

Your dearest friend


PS yes you'll be paid your usual fee for attending.

It was a lovely e-mail and Comrade Ri Sol-ju is a lovely gurl. Old Knudsen is such a professional he even tested her out a few times before hand. Maybe I should have told Kimmy to get his shots first.

I don't know why they made an amusement park its not as if anyone is allowed to have fun there in the north, too busy worrying about starving to death or getting sent to a labour camp. I think that Kimmy wants to turn North Korea into one big Neverland ranch .

Ya know the way North Korea launches missiles that freak everyone out before they harmlessly fall into the sea?
It turns out that the missiles don't fail. North Korea is at war with the mermen from Atlantis. Old Knudsen isn't surprised as those mermen are always causing trouble.