Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Put It Away Octomom

Octomom sets a fine example for single parents everywhere as Natalie Suleman aged 37 strips at a Miami night club for a reported $5,000 plus tips and t-shirt sales. Here she is doing her move named 'its crowning gotta breath.'

Old Knudsen finds this woman repulsive on so many levels.

During one of her routines a baby drops out of her hoo hoo much to the bored apathy of the crowd. That would be baby number 15 - ish.

After labour you need to hydrate then like a true pro Suleman climbs back onto the pole if you know what I mean.

There is definitely something mentally very wrong with this woman . In America it doesn't pay to have so many children unless ya put the wee fuckers into TV commercials. If ya want to make money having children then the UK is the place to be..... Don't want to work?  then have a load of kids. 

Old Knudsen is now raising money for Suleman. If I pay her 10 million dollars (around £25.75p in British money) I want her to sign a contract to never take her clothes off in public ever again. Lets hope her 4 daughters don't follow her example, they must be so proud.