Sunday, 8 July 2012

Peace What Is It Good For?

A brief summery of the story so far. The Boston College Belfast Project which began in 2001 is an oral history of Irish Republican (IRA etc) and Loyalist paramilitaries (UVF etc).

Taped interviews of these terrorist scumbags and their activities during the Northern Ireland Troubles. Since Old Knudsen's audience is mostly American you may not know what the Troubles are ....... well google it ya tard on a stick its only been happening since 1969 you expect everyone else to know all yer shit.

Boston College promised the terrorists secrecy only releasing the tapes after their death. They thought their freedom of speech shite actually meant something ...... we don't have no pussy freedom of speech in the UK and those are our terrorist gobshites.

After many legal wranglings the PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) has won the right to get transcripts of one of the cases that featured IRA bomber Dolours Price who is said to have drove the car that held Jean McConville the mother of 10 to her death .

Dolours Price was jailed for a 1973 bombing and upon release married actor Stephen Rea and like many of the ex terrorists went into politics.

Joan McConville was one of 'The disappeared' which were 17 cases of people who were murdered and buried in unknown locations by the IRA 1972 - 1985.

The case for the Americans not releasing the tapes are that it may put the lives of the terrorists in danger ... boo hoo and it may also damage the ongoing peace process in Northern Ireland. What do we have now? ex terrorists and terrorist sympathizers on both sides of the Northern Ireland government .... WTF.
Old Knudsen didn't serve so that instead of putting all the cunts in jail you give them well paying important jobs.
Milking the British government and protecting their own interests. A passive aggressive form of terrorism. 

We still get bombs and riots with the police not wanting to go in and crack some skulls .... what we have is appeasement........ the police won't even take doon paramilitary flags off lamp posts in case it causes trouble, what a load of drips.

You've let all the terrorists out of jail so they might as well tell you where the bodies are buried, give them all free fucking passes..... again.

Old Knudsen doesn't like the taste of this peace