Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Old Knudsen Makes Chuck Norris Cry

Scotland is set to become the first part of the UK to introduce gay marriage. Isn't bad that my fellow Scots are the ones who are so enlightened about this?
The Scots being the ones who were religious (Protestant) fanatics and sent to colonise Northern Ireland in order to force out the resident Irish Catholics.

Also was the Ulster/Scots who were sent to America to help the pilgrims push the injuns back in order to expand their territories. Yep get a few families from hell to move in beside the Indians and the Indians will move out. 

Treaty? away an fuck ya filthy savage! .......... says the Scottish like filthy savage before they glass the injun. 

Will it happen in Northern Ireland? nah I doubt it, Old Knudsen can't even get an abortion here and creationism is taking a hold. Ach life in a Theocracy.