Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Like A Boss

Bruce Springsteen, a little known singer from the US was the headline act on Saturday at the Hard Rock Calling concert at Hyde park in London ..... England.  He had a great time playing all his minor hits and invited some friends up on stage and that included Old Knudsen of course who was quite a big hit in the 80's

I had me wee band called 'Flock off pigeons'  My song 'Too shy shy so I ran' still gets played in the lower rent clubs of Spain. I was once described as the blond wolverine of pop. 

I played a few songs with Bruce who actually refers to old Knudsen as 'The Boss' and we had a fine time. The crowd went mad when we played my hit 'When I think of you I cut myself ' then the old bowels started acting up so I had to quickly exit the stage or the Dublin arena of 82 disaster would occur all over again and I know you don't want that.

Paul McCartney was then brought up onstage. It seems he is quite well known in the UK and was getting tremendous adulation. The kind of response Old Knudsen would have gotten if Wham had not kept me off the number one spot. Wake me up before you go go ........ WTF.

Old Knudsen was feeling like a Norse trickster Gog that wasn't fully accepted into the pantheon and had to watch as Balder get all the back pats...... For Old Knudsen is a jealous Gog ...... love him or else.  

Suddenly the way was clear, one of the organisers of the event was in a right state. His license to hold the event had run out and he was going to soon be in violation of the London noise ordinance but ya cannae pull the plug on Bruce and Macca with 80,000 people listening.

"We can't" he said pulling at his hair, "I'll be the most hated man in London" Old Knudsen saddled up to the distraught event organiser ......... "I'll be yer huckle buck" his eyes went wide and stood away from the circuit board.

Old Knudsen looked at the red lever that turned off the mics and grasped it feeling the power take shape in his hand and he pulled it down silencing the legends who had just finished Twist and shout.

The back stage staff knew what had happened and looked around in panic, the E street band were unawares for the time being.

Old Knudsen looked at the event organiser and yelled, "How the fuck can you turn off the sound like that you Nazi? you've just spoiled thousands of people's night and messed with some of the biggest names in the business."

The event organiser may have peed himself a little.        

Guitarist Steven Van Zandt caught on to what had happened and shouted over to the man, "you prick, you'll hear about this on Twitter ."

Bruce took us out to an after gig party and we cursed the event organisers, the English cops and people who hunted seals for their fur ........ luckily they don't read my blog and know of Old Knudsen's clubbing days.

Bruce is a dead on fella but that McCartney bloke is a bit of a twat.  He'll never make it big.