Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I'll Be There For You ...... Not!

Old Knudsen has been thinking about friends and what friends should be. Yes he has watched yon TV um whats it called? something to do with friends ....... anyway it has six New York 20 somethings with different personalities who all get along. Yeah just like real life right? No not really. If you are like this bunch of friends then fair play to you.

It makes Old Knudsen physically sick as does seeing those TV families that all love each other and hug at Christmas time ::::::: barfs::::::::  those families may exist but not in Old Knudsen's world.

Come my blind friend, let me walk you and help you because hey I'm a good doggy and what if it was me that was blind, I'd like someone to help me.

98% of people and 48% of dogs are cunts.  Chances are that the dog would lead the blind one to a chewed up stash of porn mags to get him the blame so the owner would like him more.

Family and friends (in real life) seem to always vie for dominance in a relationship is that good?

Here is what people seem to forget a lot. You should be nice to yer friends and look out for their best interests..... That doesn't mean giving them orders and going off in a sulk not talking to them if they don't do what you say.

Its like having children, you can guide them but not live their lives for them. Being there for them without an "I told you so." is what matters the most.  

There should be respect, if you become possessive and controlling then there isn't any respect.

If you have a real friendship then there shouldn't be a need to pretend to be something you aren't. Old Knudsen may pretend to be a billionaire so that people will like him because for some reason those people don't like him when hes a penniless crazy man covered in piss stains ... their loss.

Friends need to be able to let their guard doon around each other and not fear being attacked and their vulnerably exploited.

Those six New York friends are quite funny but also a little sickly sweet as friends can also look like this dude.

Old Knudsen can be a bit of work as a friend because he goes through life very guarded. When people let you doon you stop giving people the chance to hurt you. Yer BS levels and what yer willing to put up with becomes less and less........ thats the jaded approach for you.

Others will go through life with faith in others their rose tinted glasses set in place. Maybe their heart hasn't been broken hard enough yet. Old Knudsen looks at these people with amusement, they have wonderful powers of denial only seeing the things they want to see.
Yes lets go and help out at the homeless shelter during the Christmas period and not bother the rest of the year.
I guess they don't have to rely upon other people in their lives that much and probably aren't too deep.

Don't worry if any of those folks are reading this they won't think that its them.

Friendship should not be based on a well stocked fridge.

What is up with negative people? Old Knudsen was talking to a gurl who had recently lost her job. Old Knudsen was saying, "you're intelligent and have the right attitude that employers want, you'll find something else in no time."

A Debbie dooner was with us and she piped up and said, "You'll be lucky there are a lot of people trying to get jobs and not many jobs about."

Many friends and families  have a Debbie Dooner or a Bob bummer. Everything sucks and you can't convince me otherwise.
They are usually people with issues they haven't dealt with and are projecting their issues onto you. "I had a bad experience with this so it will happen to you too."

If you address their issues they will become angry and get defensive then go on the attack, "well you've not made the right choices in life for instance ....... :::something from 20 ago is dragged up:::: so I don't think you're in any position to talk about me."

Sorry for trying to help...... There seems to be a best time for some to address their issues and that is usually when they are ready for it and can recognise the fact they are ready for it.

Some people are never ready and will go to their grave hating and never knowing they hated because they weren't hugged enough as a child. 

Its tough when these people are family and friends. They don't want your help but have no problem in telling you how to run yer life.

The solution?
Old Knudsen does have all the answers but thats in the year 2545 as he has seen his future, boy that Old Knudsen is a know it cunty baws.

You can cut these people out of yer life like a cancer, life is too short and hard enough without getting brought doon by these cunts whose face would crack if they smiled.

Or you can grow a thicker skin and remember its yer life if they don't like it then tough.

In the movie Toomstone Doc Holiday counted Wyatt Earp as his only true friend and would follow him into Hell if needed, that is what a friend is ......... warts and all.

This has been Old Knudsen's rant about friends.

Just one more thing

Friendship is about mutual respect , some people can't respect themselves and so will never respect you ....... some people you just can't please.


Play nice!