Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I Believe In You

  My fellow Scots, stop drinking, smoking and fighting and yer life will be better ... nah only kidding.
Tony Robbins the life coach and motivational speaker is a hoor! There I said it. Success at motivational speaking is quite difficult as there is only a small market for it. Old Knudsen used to be the best.
Turn yer life around or the puppy gets it. Its amazing how many people turned their lives around or get off my turf selling yer drugs or I'll knee cap ya as an example. (that was when Old Knudsen lived in Londonderry or Rape city as its also called)
Old Knudsen would give his clients a gun and a badge to empower them and go out and hassle some hookers and shake doon some dealers and pimps.  No no no this isn't real, no charlie didn't really get stabbed they are all actors to make it seem real. Yes the blood is very realistic even the taste.
For the really tough cases I had to go and make the office bully disappear and threaten the other co-workers but that costs big money and only the most insecure pussy would pay for that life changing service.
Pay Old Knudsen a big lump of money and for a weekend he'll have faith in you and blow sunshine up yer arse.
Yer really a total loser that I wouldn't be in the same room with otherwise but making $500 to $50000 motivates me.
Don't let others pull you doon with their negativity they are only doing that because they cannot get past their own issues as they refuse to acknowledge them. You are the better person for cumming to my conference for self help but you aren't the problem ..........those fuckers that keep you doon are the problem... keel the fuckers!
So learn to fight and you'll be amazed how much a surprise punch in the junk will change the attitude of another.... but no witnesses, yer word against theirs as thats the way they play.
"Just latch on to some guy and have his babies then you won't have to worry about being an individual. Live yer life vicariously through mommy porn books and daytime TV now go make me some coffee bitch ."  
Tony Robbins had 21 people walk over hot coals during one of his life coaching seminars. There is a trick to it which involves letting it burn down so yer walking over coal and ash as ash is a good insulator but that doesn't mean you hang about.
If a long line of people are walking over it theres going to be a few people that hold up the line. You walk briskly over the coals or you'll get a line of people needing medical attention as Robbins had.
If Tony Robbins jumped off a bridge would you jump? What if Old Knudsen threw him?