Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Glorious 12th July

The weather tonight on this July evening is cold and wet just like yer Ma. The bitter oppressive front has moved from Dulldrum doon to Ballycooamonga as is tradition. If yer Catholic and caught out in the open yer fucked. 

Further west in the Buttfucnagh area no one cares as all thats out there are sheep and the culchie farmers with their bright red ruddy cheeks who fuck them.

In Londonanial theres a shower of shites and a high chance of rape. Better stay in doors and away from youths wearing hoodies.

While along the coast is blah blah blah Giants causeway blah blah blah fuck all else blah blah ruined castle blah blah. Tourists are advised to go somewhere nice and more friendly next time.

The warm pressure over Killyhoor has turned cold as the bonfires are going out. Scattered drunken louts have chased each other across carparks and there were trips to the emergency room. Definitely a night for the old riot shield as the low lying chavs may rain half bricks onto you.

So as usual an unsettled outlook thanks to the sectarian shite that happens every fucking year otherwise known as culture and tradition. Have a nice night and enjoy living in an inbred backwater of a cuntry and if you got out then well done and ............. good night.