Friday, 6 July 2012

Georgina Salpa

Old Knudsen has been waging war against the media for years. Whatever cuntry he happens to be in they piss him off.

Ya can't have a female friend without the media making a big deal out of it just because the lovely ladies leave yer hotel room at 4am walking funny with a big smile on their face and smelling like old seaman.

Heres what the British media does. Irish people breed like flies ..... we're all agreed on this. They infest every corner of the world and so when some news happens there is usually an Irish person in it, dead, dead drunk or a lucky escape.
The British media call them a 'Briton.'  Plane crashes into brewery two Britons on board.   

Also any winners or celebs also get turned into a Brit.

Georgia Salpa is half Greek and half Irish, raised in dirty Dublin, she is one of the world's sexiest weemen  ......... so we are told.  Do not believe any news stories that she is British. 

Whats green and smells like pork?   Kermit's finger.

The news story may not say what she is it may however have her talking about British men . Ah very clever, it may also just mention that she is half Greek and not mention the other half.

So Greeks who are most despised across Europe right now because their economy crashed and they asked for more money are not as bad as the Irish? 

Both races are poorly educated, share DNA and looks with Orangutangs, treat weemen like 2nd class citizens even though they all want to marry their mothers  (some do) and scream like fuck when you throw them into a hole to bury them alive............... so Old Knudsen has heard. 

Still the British media like the Greeks better than the Irish. 

Old Knudsen must say that he prefers the Irish as they do not pinch his bum as much and you can sometimes understand the odd word they say. 

So being half Irish and half Greek, Georgia Salpa is well fucked! and not just because she leaves Old Knudsen's hotel room at 4 in the morning..... Ka-Chow!