Saturday, 21 July 2012

Feeling Blue

So recently Old Knudsen just happened to read a movie review about yon Prometheus movie on the Expat@large's blog. It was a lengthy, enjoyable in depth review that totally picked holes in it and highlighted all the crap that annoys Old Knudsen in those much hyped films.

Old Knudsen was so moved by yon review (that I won't link to because you should be reading my blog not someone elses) that he has written one of his own. Me Scottish blood wouldn't let me spend money on a new movie and going to movie theaters can get you killed these days.

You guessed it. Avatar was on the telly.

                                                                           It sucked

When Avatar first came out and people were raving about it Old Knudsen said, "just as I don't have to shoot myself in the foot to know that it hurts I don't have to watch this movie to know that its crap."

Odd how Old Knudsen has that mystical ability to look at Batman, Twilight, Transformers or Harry fucking Potter and know its terrible ........oooohhhh spooky!


Avatar is like 2 hours of those boring bits in video games that add the paper thin plot before you can go on to the next action scene. Old Knudsen disliked the blue native Americans so much that he hoped the military would wipe them out .......... its a shite movie. Prison rape is more fun..... no really.