Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Eleventh Night Madness

Its whats known as the '11th night' during Prod Pon farr. That is the sacred night when men and weemen of similar social standing gather round a fire and drink Jesus juice before they magically transform into werewolves and start howling songs about the Queen and sashes being worn into the usually rained filled sky ............. The fires are fueled by ancient mystical magic and petrol, no mere rain can hurt it.

Tis a wondrous night and only for those who do not value their lives much. Some will die,  well what do you expect with 30 foot high fires and a load of drunken rednecks and their kids?  

The police officers will be on extra Valium tonight as they don't really like confrontation. The firemen will probably be parked around the corner from each of the fires just waiting for the 'traditional' nearby hoose catching alight.

The drunken louts have to pace themselves during the night because the next day some of them will be hungover bandsmen just before they become drunken bandsmen marching around in Sgt Pepper uniforms trying not to barf into their flutes.

Don't get Old Knudsen wrong its not about drink , ya don't think we base all our celebrations upon drink do ya? No we base every day ending with 'Y' on drink, the celebrations tend to get in the way. 

No thats not a Mexican flag on yon bonfire. The green of the flag represents the Irish in the Republic of Ireland, the orange represents their brothers in the north and the white is the unity that joins them. We burn the flag not out of hatred as its the flag of Ireland oh no we burn it out of  um love as the flames join each other in eternal love reaching out into the universe.

Ya that ist exactly vot I said about ze Jews, no one ever understood me.

After the annual alcohol-fuelled violence of the 11th night you get the thousands of pounds in clean up by the local council the next day. No one is allowed to mention the damage done to the environment by the burning of tyres and plastics as that infringes on our culture if you do.