Sunday, 8 July 2012

Death By Egg

Josephine Harris aged 70, who owned the diner Ann's Place in Akron, Ohio died hours after serving President Obama his breakfast of two eggs "over easy", bacon and wheat toast.

Authorities say she died of natural causes and there would be no autopsy. 

Is this a corruption of Presidential power ?

Old Knudsen saw this sort of thing while he was guarding JFK. If they didn't get good food or satisfactory service the Secret Service or SS would shake yer hand slipping you a poison that gives the appearance of death by natural causes. Old Knudsen has done this and still does many times.

Obama was actually heard muttering "the bitch made my yokes hard, cracker gonna pay."

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Mr Obama you need to remember the time when uncle Tom died, he said "with great power cums great uuggghhh!!!"