Friday, 20 July 2012

Clean Like Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen the crazy arsehole who tweets while having sex (I'm about to cum #spunkoverass) has gone the all American route of buying yer way out of things. He wants to buy some good will.

Sheen who is well known for hit movies in the 80's, shagging porn stars, being a loud mouthed junkie and a successful sitcom has donated one million dollars to the military charity the USO which helps soldiers and their families .

A worthy cause as you can't expect to get any help from yer government. Well done Mr Sheen but yer still an arsehole.

So people tweet while, walking, driving, working and probably sitting taking a dump. Since making love (having sex) is now fair game for texting and talking on the phone I suppose it will be ok during wedding and funerals too.

Its lucky for the world that Old Knudsen doesn't tweet.