Thursday, 19 July 2012

Cheeks Ya Want To Pinch

Kim Jong Un the blessed leader of North Korea and sporadic employer of Old Knudsen. Don't judge, times are hard everywhere.

Kimmy is settling in well, hes replaced a few of the old guard with his own trusted peeps. Old Knudsen advised this, when he told Stalin to do this old Joe had them killed. Not very good PR.

Stalin used to look like a hot Pacino but kept killing people for power, some people ya just can't help.

Kimmy Jong Un is shall we say 'easy to mold' I told him to go around and look at things and soon their will be websites dedicated to it.

Go look at a cupcake and yer people will be able to relate to you as they starve in their homes.  

Old Knudsen thinks that Korean weemen are far hotter than Japs or Chinky weemen and so what does a wee young looking chubby leader of a Korean cuntry need?

Yep a hot gurlfriend.

She may very well be his wife now as Kimmy never calls or writes.

Look sir, the little fat guy seems to be the one in charge.

Hey look its Obama, dum dum dum dum...... can't touch this. Ha ha ha ha.

Kim Jong Un has only been the leader for a short time. In that time hes talked to normal citizens, gone to shows, launched the odd missile and has attended rock concerts but hasn't done a thing to help his people. The crimes of Kim Jong Ill are just continuing . Not enough food is being produced for the population and life is hard. One in four children are stunted due to malnutrition.

Sort it out Kimmy or you'll receive a harsh mocking ...... unless you employ Old Knudsen again as then you'd be safe for a while.  Rule # 1 don't slag off employers, wait until they fire you.