Monday, 9 July 2012

Brits Have Rotten Teeth ..... And?

From the cuntry that gave you meth mouth now cums a strange self righteousness against all things European.
Funny that because all you get around here is how the Scots/Irish or the more politically correct Ulster/Scots built America.  Many of yer leaders have had Irish names like Clinton, Reagan and the great Bill 'O'Reilly , hey even Obama is Irish ......... aren't all Americans Irish?

Go ask Fiddy 'O' Cent if hes Irish. Hes in shit as he recently tweeted using the words Autistic and Special Ed in a derogatory manner ....... what a fucking window licking mong!

Some American magazine Old Knudsen has never heard of has slagged off a member of the royal family. If it was Charles, Harry or zombie Philip that would be fine but no ........ it was Kate the great!

The gurl with the perfect smile was given the Yank stereotype treatment of a Brit for their cover. Yes the cuntry that was based on the failed Roman and Greek societies is suggesting that these are Britain's last days.

Britain with its money that is actually worth something can be picked on for perhaps copying many of the policies of the US and that would be the only way this cuntry could fail. Make immigration almost impossible, cut benefits to the poor, sick and old while protecting the rich, cut the, military and healthcare and don't listen to the people.

Britain is full of fail it isn't failing. We may be mistaken for a nation of fat chavs with bad teeth wearing dodgy clothes smoking and drinking our way to an early grave because we don't know how to be happy but at least we don't all wear 10 gallon hats like you Yanks.

Ye- har! lets git those doggies rollin ..... rollin rollin rollin as the great Fred Durst would say.

You Americans and yer half double decaffeinated half-caf, with a twist of lemon ....... whatever that is.

If its war yer after Old Knudsen will be over to burn out yer White hoose again since you've diluted the Ulster/Scots blood it shouldn't be too difficult.

No Old Hickory with his berserker rage to save you this time..... just watch what you say about Kate ..... isn't she lovely?