Monday, 30 July 2012

Ask Jeeves Not Twitter

Maria Fowler a reality star and slapper tweeted during the Olympic opening ceremony 'Ahhh wish I was there so bad. Muhammad Ali. No disrespect though but why can't he stand now?'

Her tweets were answered by a few of her 367,209 followers who felt the need to point out how dumb she was and that she should Google first rather than ask on Twitter.  Don't talk in public Ms Fowler just get yer tweets out for the lads and leave the thinking to the likes of Old Knudsen.

 Muhammad Ali touches the Olympic flag during the opening ceremony with the help of his nurse.

Ali the 70 year - old draft dodging heavy weight boxer won Olympic gold in the 1960's Olympic games. Now he suffers from Parkinson disease but he couldn't stand at the ceremony as he got stuck into the complimentary mini bar in his hotel room when Michelle Obama challenged him to a drinking contest....... she won.

Old Knudsen does get annoyed when people (especially young uns) on the Internet ask questions when they don't know like "who is Kurt Cobain?"  You have the fucking Internet why don't you look it up?   

Old Knudsen had to look up Maria Fowler. There are just so many so-called celebs that Old Knudsen doesn't know and they become celebs by being on some reality show.

Remember when a celeb was an actor or singer who actually worked? then it became TV chefs and TV doctors and then anyone with a sex tape or a reality show. 

In the UK they also all look the same. Fake tits, fake tan and they dress like a hooker and thats just the men. Average looking talentless people that America wouldn't touch with a barge pole.

Just ask Cheryl Cole how her US career has taken off..... like a North Korean missile.