Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Amber Waves Of Grain ..... Budweiser

Happy independence day to be honest yer better off without us ......... even with yer pitifully weak dollar.
Anyhoo Old Knudsen saw this cartoon and was offended by its sloppy heavy handed guilt trippy-ness that really kind of misses the point.

Yeah ok we get it that soldiers etc die and get wounded in wars but these wars, are they really for freedom and defending rights?     WWII definitely was but everything after that ....... nah.  

Soldiers go where they are told to go and kill who they are told to kill its their job and its better for us when our side gets damaged the least.
We don't care about some sandsavage that can no longer walk but when its the son of yer next door neighbour or someone from the next town well thats different, thats our people.

I don't expect the marine in the wheelchair to be too deep, hes probably some gungho fella raised doing beer bongs and tipping cows.

America is about ideals and like every other cuntry it sometimes has difficulty in living up to them but by jingo those ideals are out there to be held accountable to.

Yes Kevin its yer right not to stand. Maybe hes lazy or maybe he doesn't like the 'under god' part of the pledge its his choice not to stand no matter the guilt trips others may put on him...... For that 'is' America.  

Do not mistake majority for truth!