Friday, 15 June 2012

You Gotta Know When To Hold Em


On news that doesn't really interest anyone or have any real relevance in the world but is stupid. 

Martin McGuinness the deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, the Sinn Fein politician and former senior commander in the IRA has decided he will refuse to meet the Queen when she travels to Northern Ireland later this month.

It was a real will they won't they kind of thing worse than Mulder and Scully for fcuks sake. McGuinness who ran to becum Ireland's president but failed and was told to fcuk off by the Irish people has decided to make a moral stand.

All because he wasn't told about a party ............ sorry dopey did we not tell you we were having a party in the parliament building for the Queen? You can attend if ya want, Oh gonna sulk now?

Who gives a fcuk if you meet with the Queen or not? it shows what a dick you are if you don't, she pays yer wages and shes professional enough to meet you.

Remember all those death threats you made against the royal family during the Troubles? I bet she does but still she'll stand there and shake yer hand... she may be inbred but she has class.

The former president of Ireland Mary McAleese has already met the Queen in Dublin, thats the major lets make up meeting. It was the first visit by a British monarch in nearly 100 years. Sinn Fein said the trip was premature......... ya know why? because Sinn Fein wanted the opportunity for a first meeting so they could refuse to meet her .......... away and fcuk ya childish terrorist mouth pieces.   

Martin McGuinness is also the drummer for ZZ Top you'd think he'd jump at the chance to play a gig in front of the Queen.

Guess what fcuk face McGuinness the Queen didn't really want to meet with you anyway so there .