Friday, 1 June 2012

Who Is Old Knudsen?

If ya ever meet someone that hasn't heard of Old Knudsen just get them to look him up in the Urban Dictionary cos he is totally representing. A proud, witty, charming, street fighting, gun-slinging, time traveling hornivore with a taste for human flesh. A sex offender ..... yes Old Knudsen offends both sexes but they still want to fcuk him or want to be him. When God created earth he looked over all that he had made God saw that it was good ......... Old Knudsen piped in and added, "I've seen better."

Old Knudsen is a taker a giver and a returner of spoiled goods as he always keeps the receipts .   In this time of war, recession and famine just take comfort in the knowledge that Old Knudsen has always been here and always will be to take the piss out of war, recession and famine. He will also find the time to...

Enjoy a beautiful woman or two .... or three.

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