Saturday, 9 June 2012

Whether You Like It Or Not

Old Knudsen has a problem that many of yous will never have to face nor will ever understand, no its not animal sex addiction or a compulsion to stick pins into his genitals its ............. oh the shame, Old Knudsen is  Interesting  there he said it.

In the UK the weather is is discussed 282 times across the country every second..... the sheer tedium Old Knudsen must face is um quite tedious for want of a better word.

"Its the kind of weather only ducks would like" or "It looks like rain, do you think it will rain? what did the weather forecast say? did it say it was going to rain? well at least its dry now."

Just imagine southern Callyfornia getting a light sprinkle of rain, they send reporters out to the streets and use it as their big story.

That is what life is like here everyday  ....... Gog forbid they get snow then its similar to Armageddon  the suicide rate hits the roof , people would loot and riot except theres snow on the ground which obviously prevents anyone from going anywhere.

Try to talk to a local about any of the world's big issues or problems and they won't have heard of it unless its mentioned in a reality show or the weather.

If anyone talks to Old Knudsen about the cold he then complains about his balls shriveling up that he now looks like a woman with a little sausage hanging out of her snatch.

Or if someone mentions the rain he then says, "don't talk to Old Knudsen about wet, ya should have seen this hooker he was with last nite Old Knudsen got a jar full of her juice to use for lube in the future and she gave it to him at no extra charge, let me give you her phone number."

Visits to the local shops have becum quite awkward but at least no one goes on about the weather, get over it people we've had changeable weather all our lives try to cope.