Thursday, 28 June 2012

Take It Like A Man America!

Americans are talking about healthcare yet again with the Obamacare bill. One bone of contention is that it wants to force 'some' people to pay for affordable healthcare. Making Americans buy something is unconstitutional. 

One does not simply tell Americans what to do. Americans have a stubborn streak created by the founding fathers who blew sunshine up their arses and sold them a set of ideals that could not be lived up to but in theory it sounds good.......... not to mention all those stubborn Scots/Irish who built yon cuntry with a bible in one hand a jug of moonshine in the other and a half brick to throw at the injuns in the other.

Hold on thats three hands, yep we built America while pished out of our skulls and you can tell.

Here is what Obama bashers are saying about Obamacare:

America is now doomed.

The United States of America as we know it is now dead.

Who will step in and stop the rape of Lady Liberty? I think shes had enough. 

Today I feel like I woke up in the USSR .... come on America wheres the 'Free?'

Ach so much drama. America is not doomed nor is it dead, its still in the steady decline it was in a year ago and the year before that with the dollar being as weak as my piss. Yep Old Knudsen will comfort ya.

The last comment says it all, come on America wheres the free?  Americans don't want Socialism or as they call it Communism (they ain't too smart) but they want it all but don't want to pay for it. As soon as a disaster occurs they turn to the government for help WTF. 

Obamacare means you'll get crappy healthcare by US standards but better than UK standards, Old Knudsen has had both.

Gurn up Americans and be more like the British. We put up with any old shite the government gives us and you know what? we're grateful .

You go in and tell a British doctor whats wrong with you and he says, "you probably just need to have a shit." You thank the doctor and apologise for bothering him and then you go away until you get bad enough that you look sick..... It may be 50/50 whether you live or die at that point but at least you haven't taken up valuable resources.

We are more in tune with nature, winter and drunk driving thins the herd as it should do and thanks to our built in class system we do whatever someone with higher education or a posh accent tells us to do ......... Americans have no class.

We don't struggle to stay alive with drugs and oxygen tanks, we prefer the more natural approach like aromatherapy for our cancer patients, besides the doctors don't like to give out drugs when a few acid remarks on what a pussy you are does the same job and is cheaper for them.

 A typical NHS hospital
C'mon Americans stop being total wimps and just accept what yer government gives you. Yer too fat to revolt and besides you can bear arms or have bear arms but its not enough to take doon the military anymore.

I miss the GW Bush years, he signed in some interesting shit and the public took it. Hey Obama just say you are going to make employers cover birth control for employees for the security of the nation and that there has been talk about a possible attack on US soil.    Hey look over there an attack! Quickly signs bill. 

Bush was also a lot funnier to blog about..... I hope Romney wins, he won't but it would sure be good for blogging.   

If you are wondering why Old Knudsen was in hospital in the first picture well it was because he had a stroke.
Yes it is very serious and not something to laugh about. So Old Knudsen had a stroke and then he kept stroking it and very soon the weemen in the supermarket reported Old Knudsen for stroking himself on the cereal aisle then some blokes literally caught Old Knudsen with his pants doon and beat the shit out of him.   

Clean up on aisle seven!

Its the dementia, Old Knudsen thought he was behind the curtains of his hoose safely stroking away. Fcuking voices are never right.