Monday, 4 June 2012

Special Oops Convention

Spoiler Alert! Enemies of Westernised freedom may not want to see the weapons we employ to kill them with. 

 Is it any surprise the the Special Operations Forces Industry Convention or SOFIC was held in Tampa Florida? So many special forces commandos from all over the world need targets right? That is where Florida's vast population of zombies cum in, who'll miss a few walkers here and there?

 Defense contractors showing off the latest tech in robots, radios and weapons. Don't forget that where you have stalls to attract buyers you also need booth babes.

Nope sorry lass Old Knudsen already has one, maybe he has a weapon you might be interested in.... Yeah that line does werk.   A nice wee threesome later on, yes I tapped them or using the insider industry joke, 'I double tapped them' ach arms dealers are such a humourous bunch.

I got talking to this guy about the latest in drone vision, they are making things so much easier that Old Knudsen wants to go back into the field and bust a few Hellfires into some Sandsavages just for fun... Nay more heavy equipment and having to look doon at yer toughbook to target areas while taking fire. No wonder young people keep joining up.  

Its lucky that Old Knudsen got in the habit of wearing diapers during his years in Special Farces as there was soo much to see, touch and at times lick...  toilet breaks are for the weak, Old Knudsen keeps calm and carries on like an astronaut. 

Ok so what secrets did Old Knudsen uncover?  American commandos parachuting into North Korea by specially converted F-117s to spy on buried targets..... nah everyone knows that yin.

Vaccinations for HIV are used to steal blood for matzo bread ...

The top secret  X-37B is to land at Vandenberg Air Force Base in Callyfornia sometime in early to mid-June after 453 secretive days in orbit...  

Ach secrets are not the same as they used to be.

The beautiful Hilary was the guest speaker, selling her state department to be used as an espionage tool along side Special Farces, yeah yeah yeah so ya  spammed a Yemeni extremist website and remade their propaganda ads showing the toll al-Qaida attacks have been having on the Yemeni people instead of the ones bragging about killing Yanks.... well played I suppose, a beautiful lady and will make a lovely president someday. Its all in the hair, has she ever had such long hair before? nope its like Al Gore's beard before he made his big cum back.

Yes Hilary has used her limited powers to go commando, she will not turn the other cheek and leave skid marks on the upholstery of America's enemies.