Saturday, 9 June 2012

Serious Saturday ...... Gheys!

Old Knudsen's take on gheyness:  Consenting adults can do what they like. Love can be found in the strangest of places and who is to say (besides Old Knudsen) what is wrong or what is right?

Its funny that in the UK you'll find more overly camp gheys than in America. The British are a very insecure race and so they still feel the need to make a statement and get in yer face..

In America you'll find gheys that are just ghey, no statement to make, no need to shock the breeders. Unless they cum from a small narrow minded mid-west toon then they are fcuked as the mid-west can be very similar to parts of the UK.

There is still a lot of homophobia in the werld as there is a lot of racism, sectarianism, sexism and general bigotry about stuff folks feel threatened by.

The majority of the human race are cunts and Old Knudsen doesn't hate them because they are black ghey Jews he hates them for getting on like pricks.    

Is this sexist or does Old Knudsen like weemen and titties? Its all a matter of perspective as to what 'yer' truth is. Old Knudsen knows what he likes and on his blog he likes to share his likes.

Old Knudsen also finds Brad Pitt to be quite attractive .... a man crush if you will but to be fair he does flirt with Old Knudsen a fair amount. Gerard Butler, Eric Bana, George Clooney, Erroll Flynn and on and on are also fine hunks of man-ness too. 

Old Knudsen is secure enough in his manhood to let another man suck on his cock, being ghey is only an insult if yer a wee teenage boy but you'd have to be totally ghey if you turned doon a blow job.

Some pastor in America (of course) said recently that you should put gheys into death camps and let them die out to get rid of them. An example on the lack of critical thinking in modern day religion.

Its straight people's fault for having ghey babies ya dick! If they die out another batch will take their place.

A lifestyle choice or an act of nature? who gives a fcuk? its here and if the gheys are happy then let them be, don't go projecting yer issues onto them. 

Those going on about prayer being a cure for gheyness should prey that their stupidity also gets cured.

Old Knudsen's take on ghey marriage: Let them get married, why should gheys not be miserable like everyone else?

In life if it makes people happy and isn't hurting anyone then do it. Life is too short to waste hating and worrying ....... fcuk me I hate worrying it gives Old Knudsen grey hairs.

If it keeps some right wing bible thumping tea bagger up at nights foaming at the mouth about it being only between a man and a woman then yon tea bagger should stop being so fcuking nosy fixating on what gheys are getting up to and either go look up ghey porn online like we all do or get a life.

Gheys aren't doing anything to ruin the sanctity of marriage, straight fcukers like Kim Kardashian who got married for 72 days in order to get a reality show are ruining the sanctity of marriage, she earned $17.9 million out of it so fcuk yer sanctity, its good in theory. 
Also Zsa Zsa Gabor at one day, Britney Spears at 55 hours oh the list goes on, maybe straight people shouldn't be allowed to get married.

Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman wed for 9 days.

Old Knudsen's take on sodomy: Good fun fer all the family. Up the bum no babies, any port in a storm.... as Old Knudsen says, "well I came, now go make me some tae."

 Old Knudsen's take on ghey couples adopting children: Old Knudsen just looks around his bitter neighbourhood  of Ballygofuckya , the little 5 year -old fcukers running about the road unsupervised, the half-wit boy allowed to jump on his trampoline well into the wee hours while its cold and wet, the ma slapping the face off her kid and dragging it by the arm along the ground ........... some people just shouldn't be allowed to have children full stop.

Old Knudsen judges you on yer actions, no excuses like yer an alcoholic or you were abused and  you have to abuse back Old Knudsen will kill you for being a cunt not for what you are. You have the choice to be a cunt or not. Old Knudsen may be a cunt but he is the best fcuking cunt ever.

Good parents are hard enough to find and I don't think that children will mind if their parent is ghey or not as long as they are loved and feel secure. They will only mind if some adults have taught them to hate or have taught them that it is wrong.

Many redneck fathers want their kids to grow up just like them or want to make a man out of them and that involves putting others doon or in their supposed place. A father treating his wife like a second class servant or slapping her about instead of treating her as an equal teaches the child to do the same. A father complaining about the niggers and beaners teaches a child to do the same. A father lying and cheating teaches the child to do the same, weemen are also just as responsible with their actions too.

It makes Old Knudsen angry when weemen are not respected......... You wouldn't like him when hes angry.

In conclusion: Gheys are people just like you if you don't like it then stop trolling around West Hollywood looking for love. Haters are just going to hate ........... Old Knudsen hates haters.