Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Queen Of The Rapping Scene

Queen Elizabeth II celebrates 60 years on the throne. The only other monarch to reach  the Diamond Jubilee was Queen Victoria in 1897.  Gog save the Queen and may she reign for another 60 years or at least until Prince Charles dies.

No other queen cumpares to the beauty of her majesty Queen Liz, this old soldier will always have a place for her in his wank bank.

Ya remember during the war at the Pink Flamingo you walked past 50 or so gum chewing Yanks who were trying to buy sex for gum, nylons and chocolate and grabbed Old Knudsen by the cock and said, "We bet you don't have to pay for it soldier, we want you inside me, filled up good and proper." Old Knudsen is always a sucker for a classy dame. That night Old Knudsen won several of his medals for going doon in the face of a heavy flow........ Ka-Chow!