Monday, 11 June 2012

Pub Alone

 David and Samantha Cameron just did a move that Kate and Gerry McCann and Homer Simpson would be proud of. 

David Cameron and his wife Samantha had a lovely Sunday lunch at a pub called Plough Inn. They had their three children with them ....... in the pub and of course all those pints no doubt went to 8 year- old Nancy's bladder and so she went for a hit and miss. Their other children Arthur, six, and 22-month-old Florence weren't such pussys and could hold their drink.

After Dave and Sam arranged their lifts home they sat down and fondly looked at their two children and said "NANCY!" then Dave raced back to the pub and found Nancy safe and sound with the staff trying to reassure her she wasn't a victim of Cameron's austerity cuts.

They checked the toilets to make sure there weren't any other kids that Cameron had forgotten about and he took poor little unloved Nancy home.

 Mourning the loss of his daughter

Easy mistake to make right? The US secret service take it a little more seriously and assign kids to the kids as well as guards. Remember the British don't love their children until they go missing. Lucky this twat doesn't have an important job that relies on him remembering important things.