Thursday, 7 June 2012

Prince Philip Dead

Why do we keep trying to fool ourselves? have we not seen enough death to be able to take it like adults?  Everytime some celeb gets ill especially old uns they always perk up and after the collective world sigh of relief the fcuker goes and dies, yes Robin Gibb I'm looking at you.

Only the likes of Ian Paisley get better after an illness because that fcuker is too bitter to die.

Why can't they just drop dead from outta nowhere like Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson? .... oh the drama, I'm still holding on ya know.

Old Knudsen is Jubileed out. If I see one more pampered inbred royal it will be too soon ... Gog save the Queen BTW.
Prince Philip's birthday is on Sunday and men tend to go after their birthdays, they have to see what they got one last time ya see.

I've claimed that Prince Philip died in December 2011 and I'm sticking to it but the news of his death will be after his birthday and the nation will go into shock..... blah blah blah, he has lived longer than most fathers and grandfathers and what is so special about him besides having been born into privilege?

Old Knudsen reserves the right to say whatever, move it along. Ray Bradbury just died and he did a lot more for the world than be mouthpiece garden ornament with a ton of medals.

Yes the Prince served during the war, well not to belittle that but so did many others and they didn't make it to the age of 90, besides he was navy and that doesn't really count its the army that wins wars.

Ka - Chow!  

Yes this is another Prince Philip dead post because Old Knudsen likes to mess with the Interweb search engines.