Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Nurses vs Queen

The question posed by those anti-royal cunts is 95000 nurses or one Queen? ...... its a no brainer, nurses go around making you eat orrible hospital food and sticking tubes up yer cock and the Queen is just wonderful.

Who has not tugged one out to that Queen movie? If ya haven't then you aren't very patriotic ya communist Osama loving bastard!

Did you know that the NHS trains nurses by poking them with sticks? its true and the ones that make it are hardened and bitter and want payback. The Queen on the other hand does the stick poking and so is relaxed and mellow will her millions of pounds and numerous cuntry estates she gets paid farm subsidies for.

The Queen is far more important to the average commoner than a highly trained nurse. The NHS should sack all nurses and issue us with a wallet of pictures of the Queen. Ya don't think that Prince Philip has any nurses running after him at the moment do ya?