Saturday, 30 June 2012

Life After Cult

"That Holmes bitch will never work in this town again!"

She didn't have much of a career anyway . Getting married to Tom Cruise may not have been the great career move she expected but now the poor gurl is crying all the way to the bank.

Old Knudsen would marry Cruise for at least $33 million and a few houses and yes dear we are all descended from aliens, whatever you say. I know yer not ghey, me neither now fuck Old Knudsen like a hurricane and later on you can be the mommy. 

"First Katie, take a big step back, and literally FUCK YOUR OWN FACE!

You’re gonna have to call the fucking United Nations and get a fucking binding resolution to keep me from fucking destroying you.
I’m talking about a scorched earth, motherfucker! I will massacre you! I WILL FUCK YOU UP!