Sunday, 17 June 2012

The King Is Dead

Rodney King the founder of the LA riots has died aged 47. Its not only the good that die young it seems.
The 1991 beating of this petty criminal crackhead sparked the LA riots that resulted in the deaths of 53 people.
Similarities can be drawn to the 2011 London riots which started when a criminal with an illegal firearm was shot dead by police there were 5 deaths in total yes yet again America is bigger. 

King was found at the bottom of a swimming by his fiancee at his home in Rialto,  Callyfornia.... Rialto is full of shit but usually it floats.  Friends of King have told police he was drinking and smoking weed before he went swimming. 

The Reverend Jesse Jackson was quick to find a camera and crowd to make a comment to. "This fine upstanding man was a crusader of freedom who had been persecuted all his life by whitey, they framed him many times for DUI and hit and run but they never broke his spirit now the LAPD have somehow assassinated him and we will bring to justice any cracker po po .... blah blah blah."

If Hitler was black Jesse Jackson would find a camera crew and defend him.

King's last words have been reported by his friends as being, "Why can't we all just get a bong?"