Monday, 18 June 2012

I Don't Read So Good

Dear Paramilitaries

Old Knudsen is writing on a matter of great concern to yer health if ya don't listen and good. It has been most joyous seeing the displays of patriotism around our town on the run up to the Jubilee which coincides with the Protestant marching season which occurs every year to keep yon Catholics in their place in the cotton fields.

Old Knudsen knows that yer group and the numerous other groups must mark their territories like dogs pishing on a wall. Nothing like a well painted mural to raise hoose prices and brighten up the neighbourhood.

The flags you have put up on lamp posts are most colourful.

Many naming yer groups while others commemorate the battle of the Somme or have the beautiful face of the Queen shining doon.
At the risk of insulting such patriotic tough guys who may grab Old Knudsen off the street or break into his home while he sleeps and smash up his body. Yer a bunch of morons.

Ya can't go on about Queen and cuntry and how you want to remain a part of the UK and expect to be taken seriously if....

You can't put a Union flag up the right way.

Lets scare some Fenian fcukers with our professional hard ass ways. Lets walk about in combat jackets with guns and play at being soldiers even though we are too fat and stupid to hack it in the military.......... "Which way does the flag go up Billy?" ....... Billy stands there scratching his crotch, his mouth open as usual catching flies, his lack of a chin quivers as he considers the question, "Just put it up the same way as we put the others up, its all the same right?"

The thick diagonal white bar goes up to the top of the flag pole. If the thin white diagonal is going up to the top then yer flag is upside doon and yer a fcuk wit. How dare you insult Old Knudsen's Queen and cuntry only Old Knudsen is allowed to do that.

An upside doon flag is the international sign for distress .......... maybe it is appropriate.

Oh and if any paramilitary group wants to beat Old Knudsen up then you should bring plenty of yer thick necked thugs and make sure that each one has their own body bag as unlike you, Old Knudsen was actually in the military .... Ka - Chow!

Time slows deliberate actions
Leaf falls on cloudy day
Spirits scream but the Old man can't hear
Because he is death